The original name for the hostel was going to be HAKUNA MATATA , meaning “No problems” in Swahili.  Many people are familiar with this phrase, which was made popular in a catchy tune featured in a famous Disney movie. Unfortunately the rights to that name for a hotel or hostel in Ecuador was already taken.  So it was decided that “Hakuna Matata” would become the name for the penthouse that sits atop of the hostel.

While brainstorming a meaningful name for this special place, I had to consider the following criteria:

•The copyright to the name had to available for use in Ecuador.
•The website domain name (the website’s future URL) also had to be available.
•The name had to be memorable for people who not only speak English or Spanish, but memorable for people who spoke all languages from around the world.
•A name had capture the unique cultural essence of the wonderful town of Montañita.

I pondered numerous names for three (3) months but none of the ideas I came up with seemed right. But subtle nudges from destiny (or maybe they were just pure coincidences) began to appear in my life.  1) A visit to a café close to my apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden called Café of Languages, which is a popular place where many people from all over the world meet. 2) Three days later while having a conversation about possible names for my future hostel, my  German friend mentioned a particular name that stood out among his other suggestions. And 3) A walk through the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark four days later.

So in the span of just one week, a special name continued to appeared to me.  It was then that I realized I was destined to use the name ESPERANTO.

ESPERANTO was a language created in the 18th century intended to be used across Europe as a common language to spread a feeling of solidarity among human beings despite ethnic, linguistic, and national barriers.

And for me hat name also captured the vibe of Montañita. More than surf, sun, waves, music, and good cocktails, this town is multicultural, multilingual, and its energy magically unites locals and travelers alike , regardless of what you do or where you come from, as if it were its own universal language.