Esperanto Hostel is excited to offer our guests the amazing opportunity to learn Spanish while having fun in the sun in Montañita, Ecuador!  What better place to learn or improve your Spanish than by the beach?!

We offer private Spanish classes on-site at Esperanto Hostel with certified language instructors who will create a customized curriculum and class schedule that focuses on WHAT you want, WHEN you want.

Our Spanish language program is designed to help you get the most out of each lesson while still enjoying the adventures & fiestas that make Montañita famous!

  • Learn Practical Spanish: Focus on the vocabulary & grammar basics to improve your ability to navigate written & oral Spanish.

  • Dialogue-based training: Learn conversational Spanish using authentic dialogue with certified professionals in a native speaking manner.

  • Progressive Lessons: Each lesson will build off one another to reinforce what you’ve learned in the previous classes.


Are you interested in learning Spanish while visiting Montañita but want a customized language package with more hours? We are pleased to work with you to a Spanish language program package designed to fit your needs!

If you’re ready to learn how to speak Spanish & quickly build your confidence, reserve your class today!

*A 50% deposit will be required once class availability is confirmed.