In the hostel, there are some decorations that formed part of the old house, for example, the two surfboards on the first floor with paintings. They were made by a traveler who passed through Montañita early in the year 2000. I decided it was a good idea to use these old surfboards. Youll also see photos of friends who visit us frequently and decorations from our travels to other parts of the world (Indonesia, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe).The hostel was also designed with our personal experiences from our many travels in mind. Some call it backpacking, but I prefer to say INDEPENDENT TRAVELER, traveling over all of Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, staying in hostels, camping, dormitories, coexisting with locals, other travelers, which gives you a different perspective on life, and above all on what a traveler like you really hopes for, because WE HAVE LIVED AND FELT IT, because we have learned about good and bad that weve seen in our travels to transform it into a good experience for our clients, because we know what youre hoping for when you visit our country.

And we will continue to travel and learn and apply what weve learned to our beloved Hostel Esperanto.

In fact, in July 2011, on a surf trip around the Basque Country (the South of France and North of Spain) and in another surf trip in Octuber  2012 in a remote island in Phillipines, I saw in the places  where i  stayed  some  good ideas  and obviously, I  implemented it in the hostel