I am Jorge Morán, owner of the Hostel. I spend the European winter in Ecuador (the season with the best waves, sunsets evenings, warm weather, blue sky and sea), and the rest of the time i  live in  Sweden (spring, summer, and autumn), and in some place in the world, traveling and/or  surfing.

I have  a M.S. in Electronic Engineering and I left a 12-year career as a manager of a telecommunications multinational ,i validated my degree in Sweden but i decided to start up my own tourism company there for this great project of LIFE, The Endless Summer.

I hope to have time to get to know you and share good times and if youre interested, talk to you a bit about the history of this wonderful town MONTAÑITA , its beginnings, its history, its changes, its opportunities, and also its threats.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little bit, I hope it helps you savor the SOUL OF THE HOSTEL.

Greetings and Welcome again,