Well, the FIRST NAME on the list was HAKUNA MATATA (no problems with Swahili), surely many of you have heard this phrase from a famous Disney movie ;o). Unfortunately, the rights of that name for a hotel or hostel were already taken in Ecuador, and we decided to leave that name for my penthouse in the hostel.

We had to find another name, which wasnt easy, as the name had to have the following characteristics:

•That the right to use it (copyright) be available in the country.
•That the domain name www.xxxxxhostel.com be available.
•That it be easy to remember for people who speak Spanish and for people who speak English, due to the tourism from all over the world and Latin America.
•That the name BE CONNECTED, RELATED TO all of the meaning of the wonderful town, Montañita.

We looked for names for 3 months and none convinced me. But hints from destiny, (or simple coincidences), such as 1) A plaza located close to the apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden, where there is a café called Café of Language, where many people from all over the world meet, 2) A conversation with a German friend who visited me 3 days later, and among many names, he mentioned it as an option, and 3) A walk, 4 days later, through the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Meaning that in the time of a week, this name appeared to me and I realized that I was destined to use the name ESPERANTO.

ESPERANTO was a language created in the 18th century intended to be used all over Europe as a common language and spread a feeling of solidarity among human beings despite ethnic, linguistic, and national barriers.

And thats somehow Montañita. More than surf, sun, waves, music, and good cocktails, this town is multicultural, multilingual, and its energy makes everyone tune in as if it were one language, no matter where you come from or what you do.