We also believe in tourism that is socially responsible. Here in Latin America, that is unfortunately not a very sensitive subject, not very ingrained.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY is part of our values and principles at Hostel Esperanto.

We want to work with 100% local people, we want to boost their personal growth, not just economically.

In planning our hostel, we have worked very closely with the community directors and the school. With pride, we can say that we form part of the HISTORY of the MONTANITA COMMUNITY; we are participants in its growth (and theres still so much more to do, there are other threats produced by development).

The community of Montañita, the local people, (understood ONLY as the people born here), knows us well. They know the best way to perpetuate the benefits of our people is through SUSTAINABLE TOURISM, with SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to the people and we hope to continue working with them.
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